Posted On: Mar 22, 2022

Amazon Lex is a service for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text. With Amazon Lex, you can quickly and easily build sophisticated, natural language, conversational bots (“chatbots”), virtual agents, and IVR systems. Today, Amazon Lex introduces grammar slot type. You can now you can author your own grammar in the XML format per the Speech Recognition Grammar Specification (SRGS) to collect information in a conversation. You can also provide semantic interpretation rules using ECMAScript tags within the grammar files. You can use the slot type to port your existing grammars to Amazon Lex. Alternately, you can choose from a list of pre-built industry grammars commonly used in domains such as financial services, insurance, and telecom. The grammar slot type provides granular control for collecting and post-processing user input so you can manage an effective dialog.

Grammar slot type can be enabled via Lex V2 Console or SDK. The capability is available in all AWS Regions where Amazon Lex operates in the English (Australia), English (UK), and English (US) locales. To learn more, visit the Amazon Lex documentation page.