Posted On: Apr 22, 2022

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) today announced the public preview of the Amazon ECS-optimized Amazon Linux 2022 Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Amazon Linux 2022 (AL2022) is the next generation of Amazon Linux from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that is designed to provide a secure, stable, and high-performance execution environment to develop and run your cloud applications. Starting with AL2022, a new Amazon Linux major version will be available every two years and each major version will be supported for five years. Amazon ECS will publish Amazon ECS-optimized AMIs to support the same 2-year release and 5-year support cycle for every new major Amazon Linux version. The two-year major release cycle helps you keep your software up-to-date while the five year support commitment for each major release gives you the stability you need to manage long project lifecycles.

AL2022 is based on the Fedora project and provides frequent and flexible quarterly updates. AL2022 also locks to a specific version of the Amazon Linux package repository, which gives you control over how and when you absorb updates. In addition, AL2022 also comes with Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) policies for additional isolation. Furthermore, the Amazon ECS-optimized AL2022 AMI now uses cgroupsV2 as the default kernel setting for managing Task and container resources, which enables improved memory management.

The Amazon ECS-optimized AL2022 AMI is now available in preview in all commercial regions. To get started with using Amazon ECS-optimized AL2022 AMI, please refer to our documentation here, To learn more about Amazon Linux 2022, please refer to the documentation. You can provide feedback on the Amazon ECS-optimized AL2022 AMI through your designated AWS representative or on the AWS containers GitHub roadmap.