Posted On: Apr 4, 2022

RStudio on Amazon SageMaker is the industry’s first fully managed RStudio Workbench in cloud. Data scientists and developers can launch the familiar RStudio integrated development environment (IDE) in a single click to build, train, and deploy models on Amazon SageMaker. You can elastically dial up and down the underlying compute resources without interrupting your work, and even switch to programming using Python on Amazon SageMaker Studio notebooks. All your work, including code, datasets, repositories, and other artifacts are synchronized between the two environments. You can bring your current RStudio license to Amazon SageMaker at no additional charge to quickly get started. Starting today, you can now automate the process of creating domains and adding user profiles for RStudio on SageMaker using AWS CloudFormation.

You can now use CloudFormation code templates to model the infrastructure set up for RStudio on SageMaker and configure its access for data scientists and developers in your organization. This way you can automate the provisioning of RStudio on SageMaker, enabling you to apply DevOps best practices and meet configuration standards across all AWS accounts and regions.  

The feature is now available in all AWS regions where RStudio on Amazon SageMaker is available. To get started with CloudFormation for RStudio on SageMaker, see the CloudFormation user guide. To learn more about RStudio on SageMaker visit the SageMaker user guide.