Posted On: Apr 5, 2022

Today, we are announcing that Amplify Geo for iOS is now generally available, following the release of Amplify Geo for JavaScript. Amplify Geo for iOS allows developers to add cloud-connected UI components for maps and location search to iOS apps. In addition to AWS Amplify’s features like Auth, DataStore, and Storage, Amplify Geo provides a set of client libraries built on top of Amazon Location Service APIs, and includes cloud-connected map UI components that are based on the popular MapLibre open-source library.

With this release, developers can add location features like searching for points of interests (POIs), addresses, or coordinates, and display this data as customizable markers on a map or as a list. Amplify Geo iOS also provides developers with map styling capabilities through its APIs that allows developers to tweak their map experience to match their apps’ theme. Amplify Geo also allows developers to create map resources via the Command Line Interface (CLI) tool. This tool helps developers provision necessary cloud services required to implement common mapping use cases.

Get started with Amplify Geo for iOS by following the Getting Started guide here. You can also follow this blog post on how to add a map with markers to your iOS app.