Posted On: May 4, 2022

AWS Trusted Advisor adds 4 checks automatically ingested from AWS Compute Optimizer. AWS Trusted Advisor provides recommendations that help you follow AWS best practices. Trusted Advisor evaluates your account by using checks to identify opportunities for you to improve security and performance, reduce costs, and monitor service quotas. Today, AWS Compute Optimizer checks are available in the Business Support, Enterprise Support On-Ramp, and Enterprise Support plans. The new checks are:

  • Amazon EBS over-provisioned volumes
  • Amazon EBS under-provisioned volumes
  • AWS Lambda over-provisioned functions for memory size
  • AWS Lambda under-provisioned functions for memory size

These checks are available to view in the AWS Trusted Advisor Console and accessible via the AWS Support API. Customers of Trusted Advisor will be directed to Compute Optimizer for deeper investigations and advanced actions.

Customers can set up alerts based on the results of Trusted Advisor checks. To learn more about setting up alarms using Amazon CloudWatch, see Creating Trusted Advisor alarms using CloudWatch. For a full set of Trusted Advisor Best Practice Checks, see AWS Trusted Advisor best practice checklist.