Posted On: May 5, 2022

AWS Service Catalog Provisioning constructs for the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) are now available for builders to create application infrastructure in code that provisions cloud resources from their approved Service Catalog products. Service Catalog builders can now create their AWS CDK applications with approved constructs in familiar programming languages like Typescript and Python directly in their Integrated Development Environment. Using cdk-import, builders can access a library of Provisioning constructs in their local development environment for the AWS Service Catalog products they have access to provision which automatically include the governance that their administrators have configured.

Following inline guidance in their local development environment and automatically generated comments within their locally-installed constructs, builders can model complex application infrastructure that meets enterprise requirements with a few lines of code in a few minutes. When deploying CDK applications that contain one or more Provisioning constructs, AWS Service Catalog creates provisioned products reflective of those constructs and their configurations.

AWS Service Catalog Provisioning constructs are available through the cdk-import tool, which is available on Github. See the AWS Region Table for complete regional availability.