Posted On: Jun 1, 2022

We are excited to announce the following price reductions for Amazon EC2 instances running SLES. When you run SLES on Amazon EC2, you are charged one combined price for the Amazon EC2 infrastructure and the SUSE OS.

Starting May 28th 2022, there will be a:

  1. Price reduction on SLES On-Demand EC2 instances which can result in savings of up to 24% vs. the current On-Demand rates. For example, running a c5.large SLES EC2 instance in US East (N.Virginia) region could save you 24%, m5.large 22%, and r5.xlarge 18%. If applicable, these savings would be reflected in your next billing cycle.
  2. Price reduction on Savings Plans when running SLES OS EC2 instances can result in savings of up to 52% vs. the current Savings Plans rates. With this price reduction, SLES OS Savings Plans customers will not only benefit from the same significant savings as Reserved Instances but also benefit from the flexibility and ease of use of Savings Plans. For example, running a m5.xlarge SLES OS EC2 instance in US East (N.Virginia) region with shared tenancy can result in 52% savings on a 3-year term and 44% on a one-year term vs. the current Compute Savings Plans rates for the same SLES OS EC2 instance. With a Compute Savings Plan, you will get the flexibility to change instance type (e.g. from M5 to C5), or shift a workload from one AWS Region to another (e.g. US East (N.Virginia) to Europe (Ireland)) and continue to benefit from the applicable lower prices up to your Savings Plans commitment. This pricing change will apply to all new Savings Plans.

The above pricing update applies to SLES OS only. To see the new SLES OS EC2 instance prices, please visit the Amazon EC2 pricing page.