Posted On: Oct 19, 2022

AWS Step Functions now provides a new console experience for viewing and debugging your Express Workflow executions that makes it easier to trace and root cause issues in your executions.

AWS Step Functions is a low-code, visual workflow service that developers can use to help build distributed applications, automate IT and business processes, and build data and machine learning pipelines using AWS services. Express Workflows are ideal for high-volume event processing workloads such as IoT data ingestion, streaming data processing and transformation, and high-volume microservices orchestration.

Now, Step Functions makes it easier to navigate through the details of your Express workflow executions in the AWS Console to identify issues, dive deeper into the context of a failure, and visually present information in a way that makes sense for you. You can select from three different views for your workflow execution including a navigable workflow graph, a state transition table and the events table. You can search and filter your executions and the events in your executions using unique attributes such as state name and error type. Errors are now easier to root cause as the experience highlights the reason for failure in a workflow execution.

The new execution experience for Express Workflows is now available in all regions where AWS Step Functions is available. For a complete list of regions and service offerings, see AWS Regions.

To learn more about the execution details page, read the developer guide or see our documentation on Express Workflows. You can opt-in to this new experience when viewing the execution history for an existing workflow in the AWS console.