Posted On: Nov 8, 2022

Starting today, AWS Firewall Manager supports Import Existing Network Firewall feature that enables customers to discover existing AWS Network Firewalls and bring them under the central management of AWS Firewall Manager. With this feature, you can see your security coverage provided by existing firewalls across AWS organizations and manage those firewalls without having to instantiate new ones.

Prior to today, customers using Firewall Manager did not have direct visibility into the existing firewall coverage across their accounts. Security teams and individual accounts often ended up duplicating firewall coverage for accounts or overriding existing protections, resulting in additional overhead for the teams to resolve. Now, using this feature you can discover pre-existing firewall and associate a set of rules and centrally manage them across all associated firewalls to meet your security standards.

To get started, see the AWS Firewall Manager documentation for more details and the AWS Region Table for the list of regions where AWS Firewall Manager is currently available. CloudFormation support will be coming soon. To learn more about AWS Firewall Manager, its features, and its pricing, visit the AWS Firewall Manager website.