Posted On: Nov 21, 2022

AWS Secrets Manager now supports the ability to rotate secrets as often as every four hours, while providing the same managed rotation experience. With this launch, you can now use Secrets Manager to automate the rotation of credentials and access tokens that need to be refreshed more than once per day. This enables greater flexibility for common developer workflows through a single managed service. Additionally, you can continue to utilize integrations with AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail to manage and monitor your secret rotation configurations in accordance with your organization’s security and compliance requirements. Support for secrets rotation as often as every four hours is provided at no additional cost

Rotation schedules for new secrets, or updates to rotation schedules for existing secrets, can be configured using the Secrets Manager console, AWS SDK, AWS CLI or CloudFormation. You can specify the rotation schedule as schedule expression using either rate() or cron(). Learn more about how to setup the rotation schedule for your secrets by reading the blog post.

This feature is available in all regions where the service operates. For a list of regions where Secrets Manager is available, see the AWS Region table. Learn more about rotation features in Secrets Manager, by visiting the AWS Secrets Manager User Guide.