Posted On: Dec 16, 2022

Amazon Neptune Serverless is now available in the Canada (Central), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Europe (Frankfurt), and Europe (Stockholm) AWS Regions.

Amazon Neptune is a fast, reliable, and fully managed graph database service for building and running applications with highly connected datasets, such as knowledge graphs, fraud graphs, identity graphs, and security graphs. If you have unpredictable and variable workloads, Neptune Serverless automatically determines and provisions the compute and memory resources to run the graph database. Database capacity scales up and down based on the application’s changing requirements to maintain consistent performance, saving up to 90% in database costs compared to provisioning at peak capacity. 

With today’s launch, Neptune Serverless is available in 12 AWS Regions. For pricing and region availability, please visit the Neptune pricing page

You can create a Neptune Serverless cluster from the AWS Management console, AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), or SDK. To learn more about Neptune Serverless visit the product page, or the documentation