Posted On: Jan 18, 2023

Today, we are excited to announce that Amazon EMR has made it 30% faster to launch an EMR on EC2 cluster in a private subnet. Customers can get the faster cluster start-up times by simply relaunching their EMR on EC2 private subnet clusters. No further action is needed.

Amazon EMR is a cloud big data platform for data processing, interactive analysis, and machine learning using open-source frameworks such as Apache Spark, Apache Hive, and Presto. Additionally, with EMR, you can launch your EMR on EC2 clusters in a private subnet which makes your cluster inaccessible from the public internet. With this launch, your EMR on EC2 clusters in private subnet will start-up 30% faster with no impact to performance. Faster start-up time are particularly helpful for customers running short-running jobs on transient clusters.

This improvement is supported on all EMR releases and is available in all the AWS Regions where AWS EMR is available. No further action is needed from your end. To learn more about launching Amazon EMR clusters in a private subnet, please refer to our documentation.