Posted On: Feb 1, 2023

Amazon Connect now supports outbound campaigns in the Canada (Central) AWS region, making it easy to proactively communicate across voice, SMS, and email for use cases such as delivery notifications, marketing promotions, appointment reminders, or debt collection. Communication capabilities include features to support compliance of local regulations such as CRTC through point-of-dial checks and calling controls for time of day, time zone, number of attempts per contact, and time required to connect to an available agent. An optional integrated list management capability provided by Amazon Pinpoint can also be used to build customer journeys and multi-channel user experiences. With this launch, high-volume outbound calls can now be made to customers in Canada. This feature is available out-of-the box and can be enabled within the AWS Connect Console.

With Amazon Connect outbound campaigns, you only pay-as-you-go for the high-volume outbound service usage, associated telephony charges and any monthly target audience charges via Amazon Pinpoint. To learn more, visit our webpage or this blog post.