Posted On: Feb 17, 2023

AWS Step Functions expands its AWS SDK integrations with support for 35 additional AWS services including Amazon EMR Serverless, AWS Clean Rooms, AWS IoT Fleetwise and AWS IoT Roborunner.

AWS Step Functions is a visual workflow service capable of orchestrating over 11,000+ API actions from over 250 AWS services to help customers build distributed applications at scale. By directly invoking AWS services or their API actions from AWS Step Functions, customers can write less code, simplify their architecture and save costs. The newly supported direct integrations include Amazon EMR Serverless, AWS Clean Rooms, AWS IoT FleetWise, AWS IoT RoboRunner and 31 other AWS services. In addition, Step Functions also added support for 1000+ new API actions from new and existing AWS services such as Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Athena. For the full list of added services, visit AWS SDK service integrations.

These enhancements are now generally available in all regions where AWS Step Functions is available. For a complete list of regions and service offerings, see AWS Regions. To learn more about the enhancements including AWS SDK integration, read the Developer Guide, and try building a state machine using our AWS SDK integration tutorial.