Posted On: Feb 23, 2023

AWS Systems Manager for SAP is now generally available, with initial support for backing up SAP HANA databases using AWS Backup.

AWS Systems Manager is a secure end-to-end management solution for resources on AWS, on premises, and on other clouds. AWS Systems Manager for SAP helps AWS services understand SAP-specific nuances around landscape topology and identify the components of an SAP landscape, such the SAP NetWeaver application server, SAP HANA database, and their interdependencies. It provides automation capabilities to help customers manage and operate their SAP applications on AWS more efficiently. The service enables customers to capture this specific metadata via registration and is able to reflect system state before and after execution of workload automation and also record evidence that an activity was performed properly.

With this launch, customers can use Systems Manager to automate backup and restore processes using AWS Backup to protect data in SAP HANA databases on AWS, including the use of AWS Backup vaults. This feature leverages AWS Backint Agent to connect to AWS Backup via the Systems Manager APIs. We’ve also released a new version of AWS Backint Agent; you will need to install it take advantage of this feature.

AWS Systems Manager for SAP is available in all commercial regions. To learn about the key features, check out the product documentation page. To learn why thousands of SAP customers trust AWS, visit the SAP on AWS page.