Posted On: Mar 31, 2023

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) now makes it easier to check email KPIs with new dashboard tools. Now you can see time series views of key deliverability metrics through Virtual Deliverability Manager's dashboard. These deliverability metrics help make it easier to see how performance indicators such as delivery volume, complaint rate, and click rate vary over time, simplifying monitoring of deliverability performance and streamlining investigations of performance challenges. 

Virtual Deliverability Manager is an Amazon SES feature that helps ensure emails reach recipient inboxes, by providing insights into your sending and delivery data, and giving advice on how to fix the issues that are negatively affecting your delivery success rate and reputation. The Virtual Deliverability Manager dashboard provides insights into your deliverability data focusing on account, ISP, sending identity, and configuration set levels. Time series views of deliverability metrics help you monitor email sending performance at a glance; you can compare email volume and rates for sends, deliveries, bounces, complaints, and engagement metrics such as opens and clicks. You can easily select time periods for analysis and compare metrics to help you better understand email campaign performance. This helps you quickly deep dive when you see changes in delivery and engagement rates. 

SES supports Virtual Deliverability Manager time series views on all AWS regions where SES is available.