Posted On: Mar 29, 2023

Amazon DataZone is a new data management service to catalog, discover, analyze, share, and govern data across organizational boundaries. Visibility of and access to data are key drivers of innovation and value for business. To provide visibility and access between organizations, Amazon DataZone creates a usage flywheel. The flywheel is driven by data producers, who securely share data and its context, and data consumers, who find answers to business questions in the data.

With Amazon DataZone, data producers populate the business data catalog with structured data assets from AWS Glue Data Catalog and Amazon Redshift tables. Data consumers search and subscribe to data assets in the data catalog and share with other business use case collaborators. Consumers can analyze their subscribed data assets with tools such as Amazon Redshift or Amazon Athena query editors that are directly accessed from the Amazon DataZone portal. The integrated publishing-and-subscription workflow provides access-auditing capabilities across projects.

Amazon DataZone (preview) root domains can be provisioned in the following AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), or Europe (Ireland). AWS IAM Identity Center, successor to AWS Single Sign-on, must be configured in the same AWS Region as the root domain. You can publish data from any of these Regions to the Amazon DataZone catalog. Subscribe to the data and consume it in the same Region as data in AWS analytics services such as Amazon Redshift and Athena.

To get started with Amazon DataZone, see our Quick Start Guide. The Quick Start Guide includes sample datasets to implement a complete use case. To learn more, visit the Amazon DataZone webpage and the Amazon DataZone User Guide.