Getting Started with Amazon DataZone

Steps for Getting Started with Amazon DataZone

Use Amazon DataZone to discover and share data at scale across organizational boundaries with governance and access controls. Amazon DataZone makes data accessible to everyone in your organization.


Set up and log in to your AWS account

To use the Amazon DataZone service, you need an AWS account. You’ll be prompted to create a new account, if needed, when you sign up for Amazon DataZone. AWS customers will be eligible to participate in a free trial. The free trial starts when you first create an Amazon DataZone domain in an AWS account. To learn more, see Amazon DataZone Pricing.

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Experience a start-to-finish workflow

Experience a complete workflow with a sample use case to work through the data producer and data consumer journeys.

Read the Getting Started Guide


Build your own use case with Amazon DataZone

Onboard with a step-by-step guide and make data discoverable across your organization. Introduce team-based collaboration using projects in Amazon DataZone.

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Data Governance Master Class

Take this masterclass from Kevin Lewis, a data governance industry expert. Kevin highlights how to build a successful data governance program, secure ongoing project sponsorship, plan for the future, and more.

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