Posted On: May 16, 2023

AWS Cost Categories has added a new dimension “Usage Type” to its rules. You can now use seven types of dimensions: “Linked Account”, “Charge Type”, “Service”, "Usage Type", “Cost Allocation Tags”, “Region”, and other “Cost Category” while creating cost categories rules.

AWS Cost Categories is a feature within the AWS Cost Management product suite that enables you to group cost and usage information into meaningful categories based on your needs. You can create custom categories and map your cost and usage information into these categories based on the rules defined by you using various dimensions such as account, tag, service, charge type, and even other cost categories. Once cost categories are set up and enabled, you will be able to view and manage your AWS cost and usage information by these categories in AWS cost management services, e.g. controlling the spend limit for a specific cost category using AWS Budget, understanding the ownership of your spend at the Cost Categories level in AWS Cost Explorer and AWS Cost and Usage Report (CUR). Cost categories can be applied to your AWS cost and usage at the beginning of the month or retroactively for up to 12 months. Adding a new dimension (‘Usage Type’) to the existing list increases the flexibility for customers in creating cost categorization rules.

Cost categories is provided free of charge and this feature is available in all Commercial Regions. To get started with cost categories, please visit AWS Cost Categories product details page, AWS Cost Categories FAQs - Amazon Web Services.