Posted On: Jun 5, 2023

Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) is a scalable, serverless, highly available, and fully managed Apache Cassandra-compatible database service.

Amazon Keyspaces now supports Multi-Region Replication. Amazon Keyspaces Multi-Region Replication is a new capability that provides you with automated, fully-managed, active-active replication across the AWS Regions of your choice. You can improve both availability and resiliency from regional degradation while also benefiting from low latency local reads and writes for global applications. With Multi-Region Replication, Keyspaces asynchronously replicates data between Regions and data is typically propagated within a second. Multi-Region Replication also eliminates the difficult work of resolving update conflicts and correcting for data divergence issues, enabling you to focus on your application.

You can create a multi-region keyspace with just a few clicks on the Amazon Keyspaces Management Console or download the latest AWS SDK or CLI. For more information on how to get started, or see documentation. For full pricing and regional availability see Amazon Keyspaces pricing. If you are new to Amazon Keyspaces, the getting started guide will show you how to quickly provision a keyspace and explore the the query capabilities and scaling capabilities of Amazon Keyspaces.