Posted On: Aug 4, 2023

Amazon Aurora MySQL-Compatible and PostgreSQL-Compatible editions now supports automatic backups for deleted clusters. Customers can now choose to retain automatic backups when deleting an Aurora cluster, and later use it to restore a new cluster from it. 

Aurora Automatic backup takes a continuous backup of your database as you make changes, allowing you to restore to any point in time inside your configured backup retention period. Previously, when customers deleted an Aurora cluster the automatic backup was also deleted. Now, customers can decide to keep the automatic backup for a deleted cluster for the same duration as the retention period configured for the cluster. Customers can then restore data from the automated backup to a new Aurora cluster to any point in time during the backup retention period using the AWS API, CLI, or Console.

Backups retained for a day are free of charge, and beyond that backups are billed per GB-Month at the rate of backup storage of your region. See our pricing page for additional details and refer our documentation to get started.

Amazon Aurora is designed for unparalleled high performance and availability at global scale with full MySQL and PostgreSQL compatibility. It provides built-in security, continuous backups, serverless compute, up to 15 read replicas, automated multi-Region replication, and integrations with other AWS services. To get started with Amazon Aurora, take a look at our getting started page.