Posted On: Aug 16, 2023

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) Customfor Oracle now supports R5b and x2iedn instances. These instances are designed to deliver high EBS-optimized throughput and IOPS to enhance performance of Oracle database workloads that require high IO and that process large data sets in memory. Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle customers, with right-sizing, can migrate their database instances to smaller-sized R5b or x2iedn instances and still meet their workload throughput, IOPS, and memory requirements, saving on compute and database licensing costs.

Amazon EC2 R5b instance types are available in 8 sizes with up to 96 vCPUs and 768 gigabytes of memory, delivering up to 60 gigabytes per second of EBS-optimized bandwidth and 256,000 IOPS.

Amazon EC2 X2iedn instances provide a 32:1 memory to vCPU ratio and are suited for high performance databases with high compute (up to 128 vCPUs), large memory (up to 4 TB), and storage throughput (up to 256,000 IOPS) requirements. X2iedn instances also support the instance store volumes up to 3.8 TB of low-latency NVMe capacity that is ideal for temporary tablespaces and the Database Smart Flash Cache.

Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle is a managed database service for legacy, custom, and packaged applications that require access to the underlying operating system and database environment. To learn more about Amazon RDS Custom, see the Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle User Guide, and visit Amazon RDS Custom Pricing for pricing details, and instance and region availability.