Posted On: Aug 31, 2023

Today, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) launched a new deliverability feature that helps customers troubleshoot individual email delivery problems, confirm delivery of critical messages, and identify engaged recipients on a granular, single email basis. Senders can investigate trends in delivery performance and see delivery and engagement status for each email sent through SES. This makes it even easier for customers to manage and optimize their delivery and campaign performance using Virtual Deliverability Manager.

Previously, SES' Virtual Deliverability Manager allowed email senders to identify general problems with emails reaching recipients' inboxes, using bounce rates, opens, and clicks to identify broad inbox placement and engagement issues. Now, customers can use the Virtual Deliverability Manager dashboard to explore the status of every email they send through SES. Customers can search for emails by many criteria, such as sender, send date, delivery status, subject line, and open and click status. This gives customers a wide variety of ways to investigate email delivery and engagement, such as verifying whether a recipient received an order confirmation email, diagnosing low delivery success rates by reviewing mailbox provider response messages for bounced emails, or building lists of recipients for marketing follow-up.

SES supports Virtual Deliverability Manager in all AWS regions where SES is available. 

For more information, see the documentation for the Virtual Deliverability Manager dashboard