Posted On: Sep 28, 2023

Amazon QuickSight customers now have three new Generative business intelligence (BI) capabilities available in preview. First, business analysts using QuickSight can now build visualizations by specifying what they want to see in natural language. For example, “Show me count of orders in 2023 by city as a map” will instantly render a geographic map visualization automatically configured with count of “orders” filtered by 2023. Second, business analysts can build complex calculations in seconds by specifying the expected outcome in natural language, without searching for or experimenting with advanced calculation syntax. Lastly, visualizations on dashboards can be refined and tweaked using natural language prompts, removing hours of tedious point-and-click operations traditionally associated with BI tools.

These new Generative BI capabilities, announced at the 2023 AWS Summit New York, build on the early innovation in generative artificial intelligence (AI) in Amazon QuickSight Q. Since 2020, business users have used QuickSight Q to ask questions of their data using natural language, all without having to write SQL queries or learn a BI tool. Generative BI in QuickSight is powered by Amazon Bedrock, which offers a breadth of large language models (LLMs) suited for different tasks, while ensuring that data is securely retained within the AWS environment.

These new Generative BI dashboard authoring capabilities are available in preview to Amazon QuickSight Q subscribers in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) AWS Regions.

For more information, see the AWS Business Intelligence Blog.