Posted On: Oct 5, 2023

Today, AWS IoT Device Management, a fully managed cloud service that helps you register, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale, announces the general availability of the Software Package Catalog feature. With this new feature, you can now track and monitor software package versions across fleet, gain valuable insights from a central dashboard, and perform targeted updates on devices running on a specific software version. 

Using the Software Package Catalog, you can register and maintain an inventory of up to 10,000 software package versions and related metadata in a centralized place. The feature works closely with AWS IoT Device Management’s Fleet Indexing, making it easier for you to index, search, and group devices based on software package versions. You can gain an overview of package version distribution and aggregated metrics across device fleet. Moreover, you can use AWS IoT Named Shadow to record and maintain package version information that’s installed on each device. This information can derive necessary metrics to support granular analysis. Similarly, the integration with AWS IoT Device Management Jobs gives you the flexibility to perform targeted actions based on the software versions (see this blog).

The Software Package Catalog feature is available to AWS IoT Device Management Fleet Indexing customers at no additional cost in all AWS Regions where AWS IoT Device Management is offered, with the exception of AWS GovCloud regions (US-West, US-EAST). Visit AWS IoT Device Management website  to learn more about managing connected devices at scale. To get started with Software Package Catalog feature, refer to AWS IoT Core Developer Guide.