Posted On: Nov 28, 2023

Amazon Q, a generative AI–powered assistant that is specifically designed for work and can be tailored to your business, is available in Amazon Connect. Amazon Q in Connect delivers real-time recommendations that help contact center agents resolve customer issues quickly and accurately, helping improve both agent productivity and customer satisfaction. This generative AI assistant, which includes functionality formerly available as Amazon Connect Wisdom, can help agents detect customer intent during calls and chats using conversational analytics and natural language understanding (NLU), then provides agents with generated responses and suggested actions, along with links to relevant documents and articles. For example, Amazon Q can help detect that a customer is contacting a rental car company to change their reservation, generate a response for the agent to quickly communicate how the company’s change fee policies apply to this customer, and guide the agent through the steps they need to update the reservation. In addition to receiving recommendations, agents can also query Amazon Q using natural language or keywords to answer customer requests. Amazon Q is built into the Amazon Connect agent workspace and is available via API for your own agent desktop.

Amazon Q in Connect is available in the following AWS regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Europe (Frankfurt), and Europe (London). To learn more about Amazon Q in Connect, please visit the website or see the help documentation.