Posted On: Nov 1, 2023

Amazon Translate is a neural machine translation service that delivers fast, high-quality, affordable, and customizable language translation. Today we are launching brevity, a new Amazon Translate feature customers can use to shorten translation lengths compared to Translate’s default output. Brevity customization reduces the cost and effort required to manually adjust lengths of machine translated output.

Customers have to translate content such as product headings, image captions, and video subtitles that have constraints on translation output length. For such use cases, customers can now use this brevity feature to reduce most output lengths while conveying the same message. For example, consider translating the following image caption from Spanish to English: “El perro corrió tras de la bola tremendamente grande.” A customer with a 40-character caption size limit will want to shorten the 46-character default translation: “The dog ran after the tremendously large ball.” Activating brevity reduces the output to 32-characters, "The dog ran after the huge ball." In this case, brevity automatically shortens the translation and meets the customer need while preserving the underlying message.

The brevity feature is now available with real-time text translation in AWS Regions where Amazon Translate is available, and for a specific subset of Amazon Translate supported language pairs. To learn more, please read the Amazon Translate documentation on translation customization with brevity.