Posted On: Nov 15, 2023

AWS Step Functions now allows you to easily restart workflows from their point of failure, so you can recover from failure faster, increase efficiency, and pay only for what you need. AWS Step Functions is a visual workflow service capable of orchestrating 11,000+ API actions from over 220 AWS services to automate business processes and data processing workloads.

AWS Step Functions helps you build resilient workflows by taking advantage of its native error handling logic, such as automatic retries and catch statements, to manage expected failures without operator intervention. However, unexpected disruptions, such as downstream outages, can still pose challenges and ultimately lead to workflow failures. Now, you can simplify recovery by restarting those workflows, following unexpected failures, without operator intervention so you recover faster. Using the input from the previously failed task you can restart your workflow without the need to rerun steps that were previously successful, saving you time and increasing efficiency. 

AWS Step Functions redrive is available in the regions listed here. For a complete list of regions and service offerings, see AWS Regions.

You can get started by visiting the AWS Step Functions Developer Guide or the Launch Blog.