Posted On: Nov 27, 2023

Today, Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) announces new data visualizations, filtering and customization enhancements to the AWS Security Hub dashboard, allowing you to more easily focus on risks that require your attention.

You can now filter and customize your dashboard views, as well as view a new set of widgets that were carefully chosen to reflect the modern cloud security threat landscape and relate to potential threats and vulnerabilities in your AWS cloud environment. The new filtering functionality allows you to filter the Security Hub dashboard by account name and id, resource tag, product name, such as Amazon GuardDuty or Amazon Inspector, Region, severity, and application. You can also choose which widgets will appear in the dashboard, and customize their position and size.

The new dashboard enhancements help to significantly reduce the need to export data from Security Hub to BI tooling. You can create dedicated views by interests, such as “Top production accounts with critical severity risks” using the account id and severity filters, or a view of “Crown jewel resources” by using the resource tag filter. In addition, Security Hub added a new set of AWS-managed widgets including dedicated widgets for threats and vulnerabilities such as “Vulnerabilities with known exploits and fix available” and “Most common threats”, giving you a more comprehensive view of your cloud security.

This new feature is now available in all AWS Regions where Security Hub is available. Try Security Hub free for 30 days on the AWS Free Tier.