AWS Security Hub is currently in preview and available at no additional cost during the preview period. Security Hub is available globally. For a complete list of regions where AWS Security Hub is offered, see AWS Regions.

AWS Security Hub compliance standards checks use the configuration items recorded by AWS Config. A configuration item is a record of the configuration of a resource, in your AWS account. AWS Config is required to be enabled in the account(s) along with Security Hub and AWS Config is priced separately. If you are not already using AWS Config, please see the AWS Config pricing page for the latest information on the price per configuration item recorded. There is no additional charge for the Security Hub-related AWS Config rules.


During the preview, you will have access to the full feature set. This makes it easy for you to experience AWS Security Hub at no cost. Later in the preview period, you will be able to forecast the cost of the service beyond the preview period.

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Security Hub offers aggregated findings across AWS services and partner solutions, pre-configured and custom security insights, and multi-account support.

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