AWS Security Hub is available globally. For a complete list of regions where AWS Security Hub is offered, see AWS Regions. AWS Security Hub is priced along two dimensions. The dimensions are based on the quantity of security checks and the quantity of finding ingestion events.  

Security checks: AWS Security provides customers with prepackaged security standards, such as the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Security Hub automatically evaluates each control in a security standard via controls, and many controls are powered by AWS Config rules. The evaluation of a control against a single AWS resource is referred to as a security check, and it results in a finding that shows the result of the check. Security checks are charged per number of checks per account per region. You are only charged once for each time a control is evaluated against a resource (i.e., for each security check) regardless of how many standards the control is linked to.

AWS Security Hub’s security checks leverage configuration items recorded by AWS Config. AWS Config is required for these security checks, and configuration items are priced separately from Security Hub. Please see Config pricing for details. Security Hub customers are not charged separately for any Config rules enabled by Security Hub. The Config rules enabled by Security Hub are referred to as service-linked rules.

Finding ingestion events: AWS Security Hub ingests findings from various AWS services and from partner products. Finding ingestion events include both ingesting new findings and ingesting updates to existing findings. Finding ingestion events associated with Security Hub's security checks are not charged. Finding ingestion events are charged per number of events per account per region.

Free Trial

30-day trial period

You can try AWS Security Hub at no additional charge with a 30-day free trial. The free trial enables you to get the full Security Hub feature set and security checks over the 30-day period. The free trial will provide you an estimate of your monthly bill.

Pricing details

Pricing examples (monthly)

Example 1: Small to medium organization

Pricing dimensions:

  • 1 region, 1 account
  • 250 security checks per account/region/month
  • 5,000 finding ingestion events per account/region/month

Monthly charges =
250 * $0.0010 (first 100,000 checks/account/region/month)
+ (5,000 * $0) (first 10,000 events/account/region/month)
= $0.25 per month

$0.25 (per month)

Example 2: Large organization

Pricing dimensions:

  • 2 regions, 20 accounts
  • 500 security checks per account/region/month
  • 10,000 finding ingestion events per account/region/month

Monthly charges =
500 * $0.0010 * 2 * 20 (first 100,000 checks/account/region/month)
+ 10,000 * $0 * 2 * 20 (first 10,000 events/account/region/month)
= $20 + $0
= $20 per month

$20 (per month)

Example 3: Very large organization

Pricing dimensions:

  • 3 regions, 200 accounts
  • 1,000 security checks per account/region/month
  • 50,000 finding ingestion events per account/region/month

Monthly charges =
1,000 * $0.0010 * 3 * 200 (first 100,000 checks/account/region/month)
+ 10,000 * $0 * 3 * 200 (first 10,000 events/account/region/month)
+ 40,000 * $0.00003 * 3 * 200 (over 10,000 events/account/region/month)
= $600 + $720
= $1,320 per month

$1,320 (per month)

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