Posted On: Dec 13, 2023

We are excited to announce streaming API support for Amazon CloudWatch Logs Live Tail, making it possible to programmatically view, search and filter relevant log events in real-time. You can now view your logs interactively in real-time as they’re ingested within your own custom applications or dashboards inside or outside of AWS.

Live Tail console has been providing customers a rich out-of-the-box experience to view and detect issues in their incoming logs. Additionally, it provides fine-grained controls to filter, highlight attributes of interest, and pause/replay logs while troubleshooting issues. By using the streaming API for Live Tail, you can now integrate the same capabilities within your custom applications or dashboard. 

Streaming API support for Amazon CloudWatch Logs Live Tail is available in all AWS Commercial regions where Amazon CloudWatch Logs is available.

To learn more, visit Amazon CloudWatch features or read Amazon CloudWatch Logs Live Tail API reference documentation. For pricing details, check Amazon CloudWatch Pricing - view and analyze your logs using CloudWatch Logs Live Tail for an example of pricing. Check out the the AWS Cloud Operations blog to discover more about Live Tail.