Posted On: Dec 4, 2023

Amazon FinSpace with Managed kdb Insights customers can now create kdb clusters of type General Purpose, featuring support for an increased set of kdb functions and data storage configurations from within a single kdb process. This enables a wider set of customer applications and process to run directly on Managed kdb Insights.

General Purpose clusters make new capabilities available to kdb code running on FinSpace. They support the use of most kdb system commands. They also allow your code to override common .z namespace message handlers with custom logic. Customer applications that require these capabilities can now run on Amazon FinSpace. General Purpose clusters also allow a single kdb process to both read data from a Managed kdb Insights database and write data to local storage. This supports common customer activities such as creating temporary derived datasets from historical data to support ad-hoc analysis.

GP Clusters are available in all AWS regions where Amazon Finspace where Managed kdb Insights is available.

To learn more about GP clusters, visit our documentation. For more information about Amazon FinSpace with Managed kdb Insights, visit our product page.