Managed kdb Insights

The new Managed kdb Insights capability of Amazon FinSpace provides a fully managed high performance time series and real-time analytics engine, commonly used by capital markets customers. Amazon FinSpace makes it easy for customers to configure, run and manage kdb applications in just a few clicks. Customers can easily move existing kdb applications to Amazon FinSpace and get the benefits of cloud, while eliminating the complex and costly work of self-managing kdb applications.

Built by KX, kdb is a high performance analytics engine that is commonly used by capital markets customers for analysis of real-time and historical time series data. Kdb is optimized for analyzing real-time and multi-petabyte historical timeseries data. Capital markets customers use Kdb to power business-critical workloads, such as options pricing, transaction cost analysis, and backtesting.

Key Capabilities

Secure and scalable data management for kdb

Easily store kdb database files, encrypted with a KMS key you provide. Use of cloud object store technology seamlessly scales the kdb database as data volumes grow. Integrated, and configurable, high performance caching accelerates important queries, while managing the cost of what data is cached. Built-in database versioning allows you to travel back in time to query your data as it existed at a previous point in time.

Launch managed kdb clusters integrated with AWS services

Using simple APIs, customers can launch and configure kdb clusters. Managed kdb Insights eliminates much of the operational overhead and provides pay as you go compute for kdb Insights applications. Managed kdb Insights is integrated with Terraform, to enable integration with CI/CD workflows, and AWS services, such as CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and IAM Permissions.

Autoscaling and High Availability to keep up with business demand

Managed kdb Insights includes configurable autoscaling to ensure that kdb applications can keep up with the most volatile market conditions. You can also configure Multi-AZ to ensure kdb applications are highly available during the more important business hours.

Supports existing kdb configurations to simplify and accelerate migration

Configure kdb ticker plants, real time clusters, historical clusters, and gateways to match existing environments to easily migrate existing kdb workloads and Q code. In addition to configuration as code through programmatic AWS APIs, customers can set up, access and manage the kdb environment (database and clusters) via the familiar interface of the FinSpace console.

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