Posted On: Jan 16, 2024

You can now use AWS Private Certificate Authority (AWS Private CA) to help issue ISO/IEC 18013-5:2021 international standard mobile driver’s license (mDL) certificates. mDLs are digital representations of the information contained in a physical driver’s license or non-driver identification card. Organizations are working together to use mDLs across various situations, ranging from validating identity during airplane boarding to sharing information for age-restricted activities. 

AWS Private CA is a highly available, managed private certificate authority (CA) service. You can use the AWS Private CA API, CLI or AWS CloudFormation to create root CAs and to issue certificates in the format defined by the ISO/IEC 18013-5:2021 international standard.

This feature is available in all AWS Regions where AWS Private CA is available, including the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. To learn more about issuing mDL certificates, see the User guide. To get started, visit the Getting started webpage.