Posted On: Feb 22, 2024

Today, Amazon Neptune announces the support for Neptune’s data APIs in the AWS SDKs. This launch provides developers access to Neptune’s 40+ data plane APIs using the AWS SDK. You can now utilize Neptune to perform tasks such as data loading or query execution with SDKs in Gremlin and openCypher query languages. 

Amazon Neptune is a fast, reliable, and fully managed service that helps you build and run applications that work with highly connected datasets, such as knowledge graphs, fraud graphs, identity graphs, and security graphs. With the support for Neptune Data APIs in the SDK, you no longer need custom commands, like curl with explicit request signing, or custom clients to send requests to your Neptune clusters. The SDK works with Neptune databases with or without IAM enabled, signing the requests using SigV4. SDKs put everything you need to develop and run software in one place. 

SDKs for Data APIs are available in all AWS Regions where Neptune is supported with engine version and higher. To learn more about the SDK support for Data APIs, please refer to our documentation. To get started with using these SDKs, please consult the tutorials here. There are no additional charges for using the AWS SDK, for more information on pricing and region availability, refer to the Neptune pricing page.