Posted On: Feb 28, 2024

Today, AWS announces the general availability of multi-container jobs for AWS Batch. The multi-container jobs feature makes it easier and faster for you to run simulations when testing complex systems like those used in autonomous vehicles and robotics. With the ability to run multiple containers in a job, you can benefit from the advanced scaling, scheduling, and cost optimization capabilities of AWS Batch without rebuilding your system into a complex monolithic container. Instead, you can use multiple smaller, modular containers that each represent different system components like a 3D virtual environment, robot perception sensors, or a data logging sidecar.

Multi-container jobs accelerates development times by reducing job preparation steps and eliminates the need to build extra in-house tools. Running simulation jobs with multiple containers also simplifies software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) by defining component responsibility so that different teams can find and fix errors in their team’s component without being distracted by other team's components.

AWS Batch lets developers, scientists, and engineers efficiently run batch processing for ML model training, simulation, and analysis at any scale. Multi-container jobs is available in any AWS Region where AWS Batch is available.

For more information, see multi-container jobs in the AWS Batch User Guide, or AWS Batch on the AWS website.