Posted On: Mar 15, 2024

Today Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) launched an update to its guided onboarding wizard to help customers meet the authentication requirements introduced by Gmail and Yahoo Mail in 2024. The SES onboarding wizard now guides customers through the steps of verifying their sending identities, establishing custom mail from domains, and publishing a DMARC record if they don’t already have one. This makes it even easier for customers to begin sending authenticated email with SES.

Previously, customers needed to digest documentation and blog posts from multiple sources to understand what authentication steps were necessary to send mail that reaches recipients inboxes. Now, the SES console makes it clear how to meet the authentication requirements with DKIM-alignment, SPF-alignment, and a DMARC policy. Customers are provided with a step-by-step process to populate the required records in their DNS provider, with supplemental information to learn more about each. Customers can trigger an on-demand advisor check to see whether there are any additional recommendations they can implement to achieve optimal authentication, helping ensure that they’re staying in sync with mailbox provider requirements.

SES offers guided onboarding in all AWS regions where SES is available.

For more information, see the documentation for creating and verifying identities with SES.