Posted On: Mar 8, 2024

Today, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) launched a new feature giving customers the ability to set custom headers when sending emails using SES v2 sending APIs. Customers can now set headers for a variety of purposes, including implementing one-click unsubscribe by adding list-unsubscribe headers to emails. Custom headers are set when calling SES v2 sending APIs, and do not require raw email content. This makes it easier to support advanced use cases including those requiring “X-” proprietary header content. 

Previously, customers sending email using SES could only control the content of email headers by sending using the SES SMTP interface or sending raw email content using the SES raw sending APIs. This was complex and required detailed knowledge of internet mail format. Now customers can add custom headers when calling SES v2 structured email sending APIs (SendEmail and SendBulkEmail), retaining the power to set custom headers as needed, but without the need to create fully MIME-compliant message content. This makes it easier to develop and integrate email workloads with SES.

SES supports custom headers in SES v2 sending APIs in all AWS regions where SES is available. 

For more information, see the documentation for the SES v2 sending API, including SendEmail and SendBulkEmail