Posted On: Mar 12, 2024

AWS Backup announces support for restore testing of Amazon EBS Snapshots Archive. AWS Backup restore testing helps perform automated and periodic restore tests of supported AWS resources that have been backed up. AWS Backup is a fully managed service that centralizes and automates data protection across AWS services and hybrid workloads. With this launch, AWS Backup customers can test recovery readiness to prepare for possible data loss events and to measure duration times for restore jobs of Amazon EBS Snapshots Archive to satisfy compliance or regulatory requirements.

Get started with restore testing for Amazon EBS Snapshots Archives using the AWS Backup console, API, or CLI. You start by configuring a restore testing plan. To allow Amazon EBS Snapshots Archive to be considered during restore testing, you simply need to assign your Amazon EBS protected resources in your restore testing plan. Once an Amazon EBS protected resource is selected, snapshots in both standard (warm) and archive (cold) tier will be considered for inclusion during a restore testing run.

Restore testing for Amazon EBS Snapshot Archives with AWS Backup is available in following Regions: US East (N. Virginia, Ohio), US West (N. California, Oregon), Africa (Cape Town), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong, Hyderabad, Jakarta, Melbourne, Mumbai, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo), Canada (Central), Europe (Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Milan, Paris, Spain, Stockholm, Zurich), Middle East (Bahrain, UAE), and South America (Sao Paulo). For more information on using restore testing, or supported services visit the AWS Backup product page, pricing page, news blog, and documentation.