With AWS Backup, you pay only for the amount of backup storage you use and the amount of backup data you restore in the month. There is no minimum fee and there are no set-up charges.

AWS Backup storage

AWS Backup storage pricing is based on the amount of storage space your backup data consumes. For the first backup of an AWS resource, a full copy of your data is saved. For each incremental backup, only the changed part of your AWS resource is saved.*

Product Pricing Glossary

GB-Hours: Measure of the average gigabytes of backup storage used in an hour

GB-Month: Measure of the average gigabytes of backup storage used in a month

Backup Storage Pricing

Restore Pricing

† Cold storage is currently supported for backups of Amazon EFS file systems only.

* Amazon EFS is not currently available in this Region.

** Item-level restore is not currently available.

Backups that are transitioned to Cold Storage have a minimum 90 days of storage, and backups deleted before 90 days incur a pro-rated charge equal to the storage charge for the remaining days.

Cross-region data transfer pricing

Please note that Amazon DynamoDB does not support cross-region backup.  

Pricing examples

The storage amount billed in a month is based on the average storage space used throughout the month. Your storage usage is measured in GB-Month, which are added up at the end of the month to generate your monthly charges.

The restore amount billed in a month is based on the amount of data restored for the month. The data restored in a month is measured in GB, and represents the sum of the data across all the restores performed in the month.

Example 1:
Assume your Amazon EFS backups are stored in the US East (N. Virginia) region. You use 400 GB of Amazon EFS backup storage during 15 days in April and 800 GB for the other 15 days in April. At the end of April, you would have the following backup storage usage, in GB-Hours:

Total usage (GB-Hours) = [400 GB x 15 days x (24 hours / day)] + [800 GB x 15 days x (24 hours / day)] = 432,000 GB-Hours
We add up GB-Hours and convert to GB-Month to calculate monthly charges:
Total Monthly Storage Charge = 600 GB-Month x $0.05 = $30

Let’s also assume that you restored 10 backups that were 1GB each. At the end of April, you would have the following backup restore usage, in GB:

Total usage 10 restores x 1 GB = 10 GB
Total Monthly Restore Charge = 10 GB x $0.02 = $0.20

Adding both your backup storage and backup restore charges together gives you your total monthly AWS Backup bill:

Total Monthly AWS Backup Bill = $30 + $0.20 = $30.20

*This applies to all backup storage except for on-demand DynamoDB table backups, which create full backups of your Amazon DynamoDB table data and settings.

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