Posted On: Apr 30, 2024

Amazon DynamoDB now supports an AWS Fault Injection Service action to pause replication for global tables. FIS is a fully managed service for running controlled fault injection experiments to improve an application’s performance, observability, and resilience. Global tables replicate your Amazon DynamoDB tables automatically across your choice of AWS Regions to achieve fast, local read and write performance. Customers can use the new FIS action to observe how their application responds to a pause in regional replication, and tune their monitoring and recovery process to improve resiliency and application availability.

Global tables are designed to meet the needs of high availability applications, providing you 99.999% availability, increased application resiliency, and improved business continuity. This new FIS action reproduces the real-world behavior when replication to a global table replica is interrupted and resumed.  This lets customers test and build confidence that their application responds as intended when resources in a Region are not accessible. Customers can create an experiment template in FIS to integrate the experiment with continuous integration and release testing and to combine with other FIS actions. For example, DynamoDB Pause Replication is combined with other actions in the Cross-Region: Connectivity scenario to isolate a Region.

DynamoDB Pause Replication is now available in all AWS commercial Regions where FIS is available. To learn more, visit the DynamoDB FIS actions documentation.