Posted On: Apr 15, 2024

Amazon QuickSight now supports account instances of IAM Identity Center when creating a new subscription to QuickSight. Administrators can sign up for QuickSight and choose an account instance of IAM Identity Center that exists in the same AWS account as their QuickSight subscription. Account instances support isolated deployments of applications in a single AWS account, leveraging IAM Identity Center workforce identity and access portal features. Account instances are bound to a single AWS account and are used only to manage user and group access for applications in the same account and AWS region.

Administrators no longer need to use the organization instance of IAM Identity Center instance when signing up for QuickSight and choosing IAM Identity Center for identity management. They can configure an IAM Identity Center account instance and use it for identity management with QuickSight and other IAM Identity Center enabled applications like Redshift, Lake Formation, Athena, EMR, S3 Access Grants and CodeCatalyst that are in the same AWS account. 

This new feature is available in all AWS Regions where Amazon QuickSight and IAM Identity Center are available.