Posted On: Apr 26, 2024

AWS CodePipeline V2 type pipelines now support stage level rollback to help customers to confidently deploy changes to their production environment. When a pipeline execution fails in a stage due to any action(s) failing, customers can quickly get that stage to a known good state by rolling back to a previously successful pipeline execution in that stage. Customers can roll back changes in any stage, whether succeeded or failed, except the Source stage.

Customers can either manually initiate a rollback for a stage from the console, API, CLI or SDK, or configure a stage in the pipeline definition to automatically opt in to rollback in case of failure. When a rollback is initiated, a new pipeline execution is started in that stage with the changes from the selected pipeline execution (manual rollback), or with the source changes from the most recent successful pipeline execution in that stage (automated rollback). 

To learn more about using manual and automated rollbacks in your pipeline, visit our documentation. For more information about AWS CodePipeline, visit our product page. Stage level rollback is available in all regions where AWS CodePipeline is supported.