Posted On: Apr 3, 2024

AWS Transfer Family’s predefined security policies for SFTP connectors gives you the flexibility to control cryptographic algorithms used for establishing connections with remote SFTP servers, enabling compatibility with a wider range of remote server configurations.

SFTP connectors provide fully managed low-code capability to copy files at scale between remote SFTP servers and Amazon S3. Predefined security policies for SFTP connectors enable you to select the set of SSH cryptographic algorithms that are used by your connectors when negotiating a connection with remote SFTP servers. By default, your connectors select the security policy that’s restricted to supporting the most secure algorithms. With today’s launch, you also have an option to select an alternate policy that supports a wider set of algorithms for compatibility with servers that do not offer an overlap with algorithms in the default policy. When your connector attempts to connect to a remote server, only the algorithms specified in the selected policy will be used to negotiate the connection.

Predefined security policies for SFTP connectors are available in all AWS Regions where AWS Transfer Family is available. To learn more about predefined security policies for your connectors, read the documentation.