Amazon Braket adds new quantum processor from IQM in Europe (Stockholm) Region

Posted on: May 22, 2024

Amazon Braket, the quantum computing service from AWS, now supports Garnet, a new high-fidelity 20-qubit superconducting quantum processing unit (QPU) from IQM, expanding Braket to the European Union for the first time. Researchers and developers in Europe, the Middle-East, and Asia Pacific can now conveniently explore this high-fidelity device during their work hours and accelerate their research in quantum computing.

Amazon Braket enables customers to explore and experiment with different types of quantum hardware on AWS, including superconducting, trapped-ion, and neutral atom devices. With this launch, customers now have on-demand access to Garnet for building and testing quantum programs, and priority access via Hybrid Jobs for running algorithms - all with pay-as-you-go pricing. Customers can also reserve dedicated capacity on this QPU for their most advanced or time-sensitive workloads via Braket Direct - with hourly pricing and no upfront commitments. Finally, the expansion of the Braket service to the Europe (Stockholm) region can help customers in the European Union meet their data residency needs.

You can access the Garnet QPU from the Europe (Stockholm) Region. Researchers at accredited institutions can apply for credits to support experiments on Amazon Braket through the AWS Cloud Credits for Research program. To get started with the new Garnet QPU, please see the following resources: