Posted On: May 8, 2024

AWS Resilience Hub has expanded its drift detection capabilities by introducing a new type of drift detection — application resource drift. Following last year’s release of application resilience drift detection, this new enhancement detects changes, such as the addition or deletion of resources within the application's input sources.

For both drift detection types, you can enable AWS Resilience Hub scheduled assessment and notification services to receive a notification when a drift occurs. The latest resiliency assessment identifies the drifts and presents remediation actions to bring the application back into compliance with your resilience policy.

These detection capabilities, combined with AWS Resilience Hub's scheduled assessments and notification services, empower customers to continuously oversee and manage the resilience of their applications. These capabilities are available in all of the AWS Regions where AWS Resilience Hub is supported. For the most up-to-date availability information, see the AWS Regional Services List.

To learn more about drift detection, visit our product page. To get started with AWS Resilience Hub, sign into the AWS console.