Amazon EC2 instance type finder capability is generally available in AWS Console

Posted on: Jun 6, 2024

Today, Amazon Web Services, announced the availability of Amazon EC2 instance type finder, enabling you to select the ideal Amazon EC2 instance types for your workload. It uses machine learning to help customers make quick and cost-effective selections for instance types, before provisioning workloads. Using the AWS Management Console, customers can specify their workload requirements and get trusted recommendations. Amazon EC2 instance type finder is integrated with Amazon Q, allowing customers to use natural language to specify requirements and get instance family suggestions.

EC2 has more than 750 instance types and EC2 instance type finder enables customers to easily choose the best option for their workload requirements. It helps customers stay up to date with the latest instance types and allows them to optimize price-performance for their workloads. By using the EC2 instance type finder in Amazon Q and other console experiences, customers can make informed decisions on the best instance types for their workloads, thereby speeding up their AWS development.

Customers can get instance family suggestions while in an activity, such as launching an instance. EC2 instance type finder is available in all commercial AWS regions (learn more here). Amazon Q experience is available everywhere builders need it. You can find Amazon Q in the AWS Management Console, documentation, AWS website, your IDE through Amazon CodeWhisperer, or through AWS Chatbot in team chat rooms on Slack or Microsoft Teams. For Regional availability for specific Amazon Q in AWS capabilities, visit the Amazon Q FAQs page.