Date Announcement
Sep 27 Amazon EC2 Instance Connect now available in additional AWS Regions
Sep 27 Amazon S3 now provides the Last-Modified time for delete markers using S3 Head and Get APIs
Sep 27 Analyze multi-account app health with CloudWatch Application Insights
Sep 27 Amazon MQ now supports RabbitMQ version 3.11.20
Sep 27 AWS WAF now supports JA3 Fingerprint Match
Sep 27 Amazon OpenSearch Service now provides improved visibility into Auto-Tune actions
Sep 27 AWS Network Firewall is now available in the AWS Israel (Tel Aviv) region
Sep 27 Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server now supports changing the server-level collation
Sep 27 Amazon MSK now supports fully managed data delivery to Amazon S3 using Kinesis Data Firehose
Sep 27 AWS Telco Network Builder is now available in 5 new AWS Regions
Sep 27 AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter identifies the most issue-prone resources
Sep 27 Amazon CloudFront announces security recommendations
Sep 26 Announcing incremental export to S3 for Amazon DynamoDB
Sep 26 AWS HealthOmics is now available in Israel (Tel Aviv) Region
Sep 26 Amazon Braket now provides real-time visibility into quantum task and hybrid job queues
Sep 26 Amazon QuickSight launches contextual row subtotals for pivot tables
Sep 26 Amazon EC2 Hpc7g instances now available in additional regions
Sep 26 Amazon EMR Serverless introduces application-wide default job configurations
Sep 26 QuickSight now supports tagging users for cost allocation
Sep 26 AWS Global Accelerator now supports endpoints in four additional AWS Regions
Sep 26 AWS Lake Formation launches Hybrid Access Mode for AWS Glue Data Catalog
Sep 26 Amazon MSK adds support for Apache Kafka version 3.5.1
Sep 26 Amazon Connect Contact Lens launches permission for agents to view their own contacts
Sep 26 Amazon Chime SDK now supports sending WebRTC audio to Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
Sep 26 Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Distro now support Kubernetes version 1.28