Date Announcement
Dec 01 Announcing Amazon CodeCatalyst (Preview)
Dec 01 Amazon EventBridge Pipes is now generally available
Dec 01 Amazon Comprehend announces support for classification and entity extraction directly from a variety of document formats
Dec 01 Amazon GameLift now supports customer-managed compute with GameLift Anywhere
Dec 01 AWS Step Functions launches large-scale parallel workflows for data processing and serverless applications
Dec 01 Introducing AWS Application Composer (Preview)
Dec 01 AWS re:Post streamlines customers’ community engagement with AWS Builder ID and re:Post Linked logins
Nov 30 Introducing the Amazon EC2 Spot Ready Software Products
Nov 30 Amazon SageMaker Studio now supports real time collaboration
Nov 30 Announcing Trusted Language Extensions for PostgreSQL on Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS
Nov 30 Introducing Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK) Delivery Partners
Nov 30 Introducing AWS Graviton Delivery Partners
Nov 30 AWS Machine Learning University announces educator enablement program for higher education
Nov 30 Amazon AppFlow now supports over 50 Connectors
Nov 30 Introducing new ML governance tools for Amazon SageMaker
Nov 30 Amazon GuardDuty RDS Protection now in preview
Nov 30 Introducing AWS Glue Delivery
Nov 30 Introducing AWS AI Service Cards - a new resource for responsible AI
Nov 30 Amazon SageMaker JumpStart now enables you to more easily share ML artifacts within your organization
Nov 30 Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler now supports over 40 third-party applications as data sources
Nov 30 Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler now provides built-in data preparation in notebooks
Nov 30 Amazon Athena now supports Apache Spark
Nov 30 Announcing AWS Data Exchange for Amazon S3 (Preview)
Nov 30 Amazon Redshift now supports auto-copy from Amazon S3
Nov 30 Amazon SageMaker Studio now supports automatic conversion of notebook code to production-ready jobs