Date Announcement
Mar 31 Console Toolbar is now generally available for AWS CloudShell
Mar 31 AWS Cloud Map enables service editing in AWS Console
Mar 31 AWS announces new AWS Direct Connect location in Mumbai, India
Mar 31 Announcing the general availability of Amazon VPC Lattice
Mar 31 Amazon Simple Email Service now detects gaps in BIMI configuration
Mar 31 Amazon Simple Email Service now supports delivery and engagement graphs
Mar 31 AWS License Manager now offers improved license visibility and distribution across your organization
Mar 31 AWS Glue Studio visual ETL adds 10 new visual transforms
Mar 31 AWS Blu Insights enhances user access with single sign-on
Mar 31 Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus supports 500M active metrics per workspace
Mar 31 Service Quotas is now available in additional Regions
Mar 30 AWS Lake Formation now available in AWS Middle East (UAE) Region
Mar 30 EC2 Image Builder adds real-time build tracking and improves build speeds for image pipelines
Mar 30 Amazon Connect launches expanded JSON attribute support in flows
Mar 30 Amazon Kendra launches Featured Results
Mar 30 AWS Network Firewall announces support for ingress TLS inspection
Mar 30 AWS Batch now supports user-defined pod labels on Amazon EKS
Mar 30 Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports Oracle Application Express (APEX) Version 22.2
Mar 30 Announcing the ACK Controllers for Amazon EventBridge and Pipes
Mar 30 AWS WickrGov now available in AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region
Mar 30 Amazon RDS Custom now supports new General Purpose gp3 storage volumes
Mar 30 AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery supports automated replication of new disks
Mar 30 AWS Compute Optimizer now supports 61 new EC2 instance types
Mar 30 Amazon EC2 R5b instances are now available in additional regions
Mar 30 Amazon SNS launches the Extended Client Library for Python to support payloads up to 2GB