Date Announcement
Aug 09 Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) now supports the Decimal128 data type
Aug 09 Amazon SageMaker Pipelines now supports sharing of pipeline entities across accounts
Aug 09 Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning now supports alternate SageMaker training instance types for more robust tuning
Aug 09 Amazon SageMaker Canvas expands capabilities to better prepare and analyze data for machine learning
Aug 09 Amazon Aurora Serverless v1 now supports PostgreSQL 11 and In-Place upgrade from PostgreSQL 10
Aug 09 AWS Glue now supports Flex execution option
Aug 08 Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) now supports DML query auditing with Amazon CloudWatch Logs
Aug 08 AWS Graviton2-based Amazon EC2 C6g, C6gd, and M6gd are now available in additional regions
Aug 08 Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle now supports promotion of managed in-region read replica
Aug 08 AWS IoT Greengrass v2 updates Stream Manager to report new telemetry metrics and more
Aug 08 Amazon S3 adds a new policy condition key to require or restrict server-side encryption with customer-provided keys (SSE-C)
Aug 08 AWS Direct Connect expands AWS Transit Gateway support at more connection speeds
Aug 08 Amazon QuickSight launches redesigned dashboard experience
Aug 05 AWS IoT SiteWise now supports payload compression for data ingestion
Aug 05 Amazon Timestream is now available in Asia Pacific (Sydney) and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) AWS regions
Aug 05 Amazon EC2 Is4gen and Im4gn instances are now available in four additional Regions
Aug 05 Amazon CloudWatch Evidently adds support for creating target customer segments for feature launches and experiments
Aug 04 Amazon QuickSight launches API-based domain allow listing for developers to scale embedded analytics across different applications
Aug 04 AWS Data Exchange increases the asset size limit to 100GB
Aug 04 Amazon ElastiCache now supports AWS Graviton2-based T4g, M6g, R6g instances in the Europe (Paris, Milan) regions and R6gd instances in the Europe (Paris) region
Aug 04 Amazon Keyspaces is now available in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions
Aug 04 AWS Lambda announces tiered pricing
Aug 04 Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL supports new minor versions 14.3, 13.7, 12.11, 11.16, and 10.21
Aug 04 AWS IoT Core launches a new device provisioning console experience
Aug 03 Amazon CloudWatch metrics increases throughput by 150x