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The AWS Activate Console is your personalized hub of tools, resources and content tailored to your startup needs. Designed to support you through every stage of your startup journey, from ideating to building and beyond, it’s a one-stop-shop that delivers the tailored solutions you need to quickly get started on AWS and grow your business.

In the AWS Activate Console, you can get answers to your technical problems, and learn the best practices that power the world’s best companies. By matching AWS content with your Activate profile, interests and usage of AWS, it also provides personalized content recommendations on a wide range of topics. Once you’ve applied for and received Activate credits, the AWS Activate Console makes it easy to track and monitor your AWS Activate credits and costs, deploy proven architectures with no previous infrastructure experience, take advantage of exclusive offers, and get real-time updates on the health of your AWS environment.

If you are a current or former Activate member, log in to the AWS Activate Console today to jump start your business. If you are not a member, register today to get instant access to your personalized AWS Activate Console!

AWS Activate Console

Key Console features and benefits

Build on AWS templates

The right template lets you iterate, demonstrate viability, and get your team on the same page. Our collection of more than 40 infrastructure templates and reference architectures are built by the experts at AWS, tailored to your use case, and are tested and ready for deployment. Plus, when you’re ready, you can deploy in just 60 minutes, even without previous infrastructure experience.

Access solutions from AWS experts
The Console has the answers to your AWS questions, as well as the content, tools and resources that will help you optimize your AWS usage. Your recommendation feed learns from your interests to provide you with customized solutions, services, how-tos, and opportunities to optimize costs.
Start secure

Build with confidence in the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. Backed by 230+ security, compliance and governance services and features, you can rest assured your startup will launch on solid and secure footing.

Work from anywhere

The AWS Activate Console is open to all Activate members worldwide*. You can visit the AWS Activate Console anytime, whether from your laptop, tablet or mobile device. Get access to tools and services that help you grow and succeed. *Not available to Activate members in mainland China.

Maximize your AWS Activate credits

After you’ve applied and been awarded AWS Activate credits, you’ll get access to a built-in Cost and Credit summary that gives you real-time visibility into your AWS Activate credit awards and balances and projected runway on credits. You’ll also receive notifications alerting you of pending credit exhaustion and tailored cost optimization recommendations, allowing you to make more informed architecture decisions while maximizing your AWS Activate credit spend.

“We got connected with AWS Activate through our investors at SignalFire and couldn’t be happier. Not only do the AWS credits really help when starting out as an early-stage company, but the technical support made it easy to launch, and problem solve as we have grown. The Activate Console specifically was also great, surfacing useful content like training tutorials and launch announcements.”

Matthew Tovbin
Co-Founder, Faros AI