For Startups:

1. I’m a startup interested in receiving Activate credits, how can I apply?

If you’re a startup and looking for more information on AWS Activate such as eligibility requirements, please visit our Activate FAQ page to learn more information and apply.

2. How do I get more AWS credits?

If you are an Activate Founders member, you may be eligible to apply for AWS Activate Portfolio and in turn receive additional AWS credits. For more information on Activate Portfolio, please click here. If you are an Activate Portfolio member, and you have not received the maximum lifetime credit amount, you must be associated with an AWS Activate provider that offers a larger AWS credit award than the one you have already received. If you are interested in working with another potential AWS Activate Provider, the list of featured AWS Activate Providers can be found here.


3. Can I get my credits refunded/reinstated/reissued?

No. AWS credits cannot be refunded or re-issued into your AWS Account, even if your AWS credits were incorrectly used or accidentally consumed.


For Providers:
1. I’m interested in becoming an Activate Provider, where can I learn more information and apply?
If you are venture capital firm, angel investor, or other startup-enabling organization interested in partnering with AWS to provide Activate benefits to your affiliated startups, please visit our Providers page to learn more information and apply.
2. What is the status of my Activate Provider application?
When your application has been processed, you will receive an email from us. However, on occasion, application processing may take longer than normal. If you have not received an update after 10 business days, please reach out to us.


3. I’m an Activate Provider. Can I increase the amount of my credit package to give out to my startups?

Providers are assigned the credit tier deemed most appropriate for the stage of startups they generally service and on startup/provider history with AWS. Benefits are reviewed on a yearly basis.


We strive to provide comprehensive information in the AWS Activate FAQ. Please visit the page if you do not see an answer to your question.


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